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We appreciate your business.


My friends and family just couldn’t understand what I was going through when Aspen suddenly passed. I was completely heartbroken, my whole life just turned-upside down, and as I grieved people would tell me, “Oh, it’s just a dog, you’ll be okay.” I received your heart pendant today and I must say what you did for me Silvia was one of the nicest, most touching thing I could imagine. I miss Aspen every day, but your pendant helps remind me that she will always be with me, in my heart and in my mind. I can literally take your stunning pendant everywhere, and because of how beautiful your work is, people ask me about this all of the time. The pendant makes me feel happy, and when I tell people about its connection with Aspen, I do it with nothing but joy. You are really doing a wonderful thing Silvia.


Once my brother left me, I didn’t think anything was ever going to be the same and every day I did everything I could to memorialize Taylor; my biggest fear was losing the memories we shared. And then I discovered about Love Ashes and I knew that we could create a memorial that even my brother would be jealous of! I was never one to wear any jewelry in my life, but your framed memorial is just unbelievable! It says so much about my brother in so many ways, and the design is flawless. His memorial is easily the most beautiful piece of artwork in my house and it makes everyone filled with joy – just like how Taylor once did.


My Serenity Prayer bracelet is absolutely beautiful! I have held this prayer close to my heart for many years and love that I may now wear it as a daily reminder. Thank you so much for creating jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful!


My necklace arrived today and I was completely taken aback. It is breathtakingly gorgeous and I fell in love with it instantly. Thank you for the gift you possess in making symbolism so meaningful and beautiful. I love how the pendant lies so perfectly against my chest... it makes it feel like my mom is that much closer to me. Words cannot even begin to express my appreciation for this pendant that I will be wearing every day.


Good Afternoon Silvia,

Your pendants have given my wife and myself countless infinitesimals of pleasurable and tranquil contentment. Not unlike what we receive by visiting our son's memorial tree, not the flower that passes, but the lasting perfume of remembrance. It is what we learn when we walk with sorrow.

Also, the pendants have garnered many heart-felt compliments.



As I am writing, I am admiring the beautiful and stunning framed memorial in front of me. When I opened up the package yesterday, I was speechless, and I started crying! It is breathtaking! I cannot thank you enough! You are truly a wonderful artist! I appreciate the time you took to create this wonderful tribute to my cat Zoe. The color combination I chose for the glass tile is absolutely perfect! The end result is better than what I hoped it would be! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


Thank you SO much for this lasting reminder of Butterscotch I can wear close to my heart! When I lost my fur-child and best friend, I thought I would curl up and die too... your talent has given me a most precious keepsake of her and I cannot thank you enough! Through my tears, I show everyone the pendant and tell them about the wonderful artist who made this all possible for her as well as for me, even complete strangers. I want to tell the world about you and your craft so that they too can have a beautiful keepsake of their loved ones as well. If I had a website, I would freely post your link. Thanks again for the beautiful work, the care in which you made it, the compassion you showed me through my grief. You are a Godsend to this world and especially to those of us you have touched personally. Bless you!!


Thank you VERY MUCH for your excellent and prompt work in returning our boys Love Ashes mementos to us. It was especially consoling to find the unused portion of their ashes returned, something we had not thought of nor considered.

We are SO pleased that they look as beautiful in reality as in your on-line catalog. As you may know, that is not always the case with catalog products. Truly outstanding workmanship and service.

I would suggest to you, if you have not already considered it, that you market this product to any pet crematoriums in your area. I know I would have liked to have known of your beautiful work when our boys died and had the option then of this memorial, other than the stones/markers offered at our pet crematorium. I plan to call our Precious Memories Pet Crematorium & Cemetery this week and let them know about your service.

Thanks again, George and Kathleen

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did on my husband’s memorial. I am still getting compliments on it almost daily. Everyone thinks it is beautiful.

There will be an order coming in from Texas, and I continue to give your name to anyone interested.

Thank you again, for giving me the opportunity to be able to reach up and hold a part of him. It is so comforting.


I received my pendant with my son's ashes and had to write to let you know how much I love it. What a wonderful idea. My husband found your website and ordered the pendant for me. The design is so beautiful and I receive compliments every time I wear it. Thank you for a beautiful way to keep my son close to me.


I got my pendant today and it's truly beautiful, I am going to wear it daily. Thanks for the beautiful work. I am totally THRILLED!


Just a note to thank you for the beautiful pendant. I received it today and am very pleased. Very nice artistry and impeccable service.



Beautiful, beautiful job! I cannot thank you enough!!



Thank you so much for the beautiful framed memorial tiles of Toby! Toby was a very special family dog, and this is such a wonderful tribute to him. We are very thankful that you have thought of a way to make a sad and heartbreaking situation a little more comforting. This is truly a wonderful thing that you are doing. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!

~Jaclynne and Lori

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful memorial you created for my dog Yuki. This was the first time I have ever experienced the loss of a beloved pet and this memorial made the process much easier for me to go through. I got Yuki as a puppy while I was in high school and so after I moved out of my parents home, he remained there. Having his ashes infused into this beautiful memorial has enabled me to always keep a part of him with me, while my parents have his urn at their house. Thank you so much! You do amazing work!