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Design Process

Love Ashes keepsakes can be designed in two forms; either to be worn as a necklace that sits right next to your heart or to be mounted in a beautiful frame. Both designs are created using dichroic glass, an invention often attributed to NASA, but actually dating back to at least the 4th century AD. Dichroic contains numerous micro layers of different metals, oxide of metals and silica.

The main characteristic of dichroic glass is that it has a transmitted color and a completely different reflected color. This causes an array of colors to be displayed, with shifting colors when the piece is viewed from different angles. The complexity and unreliable nature of dichroic glass makes each Love Ashes pendant or framed memorial a truly unique and one-of-a-kind creation as well as a treasured keepsake.

The Process

  1. When your order is received, the requested colors are hand-cut from our collection of dichroic glass and assembled into the form of a pendant or memorial tile.
  2. The ashes of your loved one are then added at the back of the piece and the assembly is fired in a kiln to fuse the pieces into a single keepsake.
  3. The piece is then filed to a smooth finish and put into the kiln one more time to give it strength and a shine.
  4. Sterling silver bails are attached if it is a pendant.
  5. The piece is inspected one last time to ensure the highest quality.
  6. As a final step your treasured keepsake is packed with the utmost care to be shipped.

The Choices

There are seven color combinations for the Classic line and 4 for the Eternity Line from which to choose, each hand-selected by artist Silvia Engel for their vibrancy.

The Classic Love Ashes pendants are accompanied by a black hand-dyed silk ribbon. The Eternity Line comes with a white hand-dyed silk ribbon. The pendant can easily be slipped off the ribbon and worn with your favorite silver chain or omega. The framed memorial has an optional black iron easel stand, which you can easily include in your order.

Our Promise

Our commitment and promise to you is that the utmost care and respect will be taken to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of your keepsake.

We hope that your Love Ashes keepsake will become one of your most treasured possessions.

“from my heart to yours…”

The Love Ashes Design Process